Posted on: Monday June 18, 2018

Elementary, High School studs receive educational assistance from prov’l gov’t
“We don’t pick to whom we will give. We give as much as we can through our Educational Assistance Program and provide help to everyone in need,” said Gov. Miguel Luis Villafuerte.

Along with the opening of the school year, over 23,000 Elementary and High School students in Milaor, Libmanan, Pamplona, San Fernando, Minalabac and Gainza received educational assistance from the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur in. The Educational Assistance Program aims to provide subsidy for the student’s school fees and expenses.

“We are thankful that our school was among those who received the educational assistance. I hope that more students will benefit from the Educational Assistance Program so that we don’t need to ask anymore from our parents to provide some of our needs in school. It is a big help that we received something from the provincial government,” shared by Grade 10 student Ericka Jane Balidoy from San Juan National High School Libmanan.


Rechel Madridano from Pamplona, who has three children in High School and one in Elementary also shared, “It is really a big help because I have four children in school. Somehow, the educational assistance program was able to help lessen the expenses for the school fees which is why I am very grateful.”

The provincial government continues in committing to improve lives and promote the significance of education through the implementation of educational assistance program. Most recently, the province has also opened 3 Governor Mariano Community Colleges in Libmanan, Garchitorena, and Siruma which will provide free tertiary education to indigent residents of the said municipalities.

Written By: Kyna De Castro

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